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Welcome to Neotextile – the home of sustainable fashion. Our mission is to promote ethical and eco-friendly fashion by offering high-quality second-hand clothing that is stylish, affordable, and planet friendly.
We understand the impact of fast fashion on the environment and believe that we can make a difference by providing an alternative to this damaging industry.

By choosing Neotextile, you are not only choosing to look good, but also choosing to do good for the planet.

We also offer upcycling and recycling services to help extend the life cycle of clothing, reducing textile waste and promoting a circular economy.

Thank you for choosing Neotextile as your go-to source for sustainable fashion. We invite you to explore our collection and join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one outfit at a time.


Our startup, established in 2022, has quickly become involved in the sorting and exporting of second-hand clothing.

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Consistent product quality is guaranteed by our highly qualified personnel.

High Quality Clothing

The clothing we sort is sourced from Greece, with with emphasis to its warmest South and South-West areas, enriched when necessary with other South-European countries..

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We have invested in a cutting-edge sorting and recycling center to enhance our operations.

About Us

Our company is a startup based in Greece that specializes in sorting second-hand clothing. We are proud to be part of the largest recycling group in Greece- Polygreen, which demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our mission is to promote circular fashion and reduce waste by extending the lifecycle of clothing items. We believe that every piece of clothing has value and can be repurposed or reused, rather than ending up in landfills. By sorting second-hand clothing, we are able to provide high-quality and affordable options for people who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint and support sustainable fashion.

At our company, we value transparency, integrity, and social responsibility. We are committed to treating our customers, partners, and employees with respect and fairness. We believe that our business can make a positive impact on both the environment and the community, and we strive to achieve this through our services and operations.

We believe that by working together with our customers, partners, and stakeholders, we can create a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry.



As part of our full recycling capability, we offer pre-sorted Original of various sources primarily from Greece or other south European areas. We select sources that are famous for the increased summer/spring composition of used clothing, while the mild winter secures light winter/autumn garments.

Our team of experienced employees meticulously pre-sorts to ensure removal of big part of the non-wearable clothing, non-usable textile or foreign elements, still keeping the upper grades and the cream of the Original. Finally, to maintain consistency, we conduct daily quality control checks.

Our products inventory includes Summer, Winter, Paired Shoes-bags & accessories, Household rummage, Toys and Bric-a-brac products packed in capsacks of approximately 200 kg, making sure that transportation cost is kept on the desirable levels.

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Summer mix

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Winter Mix

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PAIRED Shoes, bags & Accessories Mix


Each week we ship containers with sorted used clothing to various parts of the world, We export our products to Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Our warehouse workers are experienced in loading bales to 40" HC containers in such a way as to safely fit as much product to the container as possible. We organize sea and land transport for our customers. We cooperate with all major shipowners in order to select the most advantageous freight option. Thanks to continuous
cooperation, we obtain very favorable transport conditions from forwarding companies. We are experienced in preparing all the documents required for the worldwide exports of containers with used clothing. If required, we provide fumigation certificates and certificates of conformity for our products.


As part of its CSR program Neotextile intends to embrace international artistic and design initiatives that reflect the company's environmental concerns. Working hand in hand with artists, designers and scholars, the company wishes to foster awareness on textile pollution through contemporary artistic practices, further expanding its important environmental mission.

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